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"This is the best place in Savannah for addiction treatment . The groups are full of all willing participants. They provide great education and wonderful individual counseling. I have experienced other treatment programs and this was by far the best I’ve been involved with. I just wish more people knew about it."

★★★★★ ~ Jonathan Y., Google, 9/2019

"A family member has completed treatment at Assisted Recovery Center. After attempting recovery through other programs, they’ve been successful in their sobriety. They really felt supported by the team there. I’m impressed by their experience there and recommend this place to others."

★★★★★ ~ Sammy S., Google, 8/2019 

"Good program that helped a lot. Really good groups by a therapist named Steven."

★★★★★ ~ 4u2cnu, Google, 8/2019 

"I'm beyond impressed with the professionalism the staff offers my personal practice when I refer a client there. And I appreciate how individualized their treatment services are created to the patient uniquely. Love working with this group..."

★★★★★ ~ Kris F., Google, 11/2018 

"A family friend I know went here. This place helped him stop drinking and he's getting his life back in order now from what I hear. He mentioned the groups that a guy named Stephen did at this place were extremely helpful and supportive."

★★★★★ ~ Mindy M., Google, 7/2018 

"Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia has the best inpatient and outpatient programs available. They use the latest and most effective tools that medical science has to offer in treating addiction to alcohol or opiate drugs, and they're totally confidential, with a private, painless detox and one-on-one counseling."

★★★★★ ~ Brad V., Google, 2/2016