Finding Support in Recovery During the Holidays

Everyone handles stress differently. Seasonally, different things can impact stress levels or even increase anxiety and depression in some people.
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holiday stress

How to Prepare for a Less Stressful Holiday: Beat the Blues Before They Start

It’s all about making a plan. For those of you in recovery, you know all too well the power of a good plan. Take the time to think about exactly what it is that triggers your emotions or brain about the holidays.
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emotional recovery

How the “Holiday Blues” Affects People in Recovery

Emotions are a trigger for just about everyone, in fact, so why would those in recovery be any different? The only difference is that the impact is usually bigger because people who are recovering are already dealing with a lot to begin with on many levels.
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holiday depression

Common Causes of Extra Stress and Depression During the Holidays

Coping with regular anxiety, depression, or even general stress is difficult enough. Then, the holidays come around and dump even more stress on everyone, creating a whirlwind of emotions that go well beyond holly and jolly.
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holiday blues

What are the Holiday Blues? Are They Real?

Too often, people struggling with the “holiday blues” get discouraged in seeking support because there is a lack of resources available.
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trigger relapse

How COVID-19 Became the Ultimate Trigger for Relapse

When COVID-19 first became a topic of discussion in late 2019, most people brushed it off. After all, there have been several viruses and outbreaks that were purported to be a bigger problem than they turned out to be.
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Addiction Recovery Resources

How to Find Local (Or Any) Treatment Centers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you or someone you love is struggling with opioid addiction, needing help in recovery, or having any other issues with substance abuse, help is out there.
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opioid addiction

The Impact of Isolation on Opioid Addiction: How to Cope

Like anything, when someone is struggling with opioid addiction (or any addiction), the effects are that much more amplified.
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online support recovery

Are Online Support Systems Effective for Recovery and Addiction?

The Internet has become a very social place. Naturally, it would follow suit that it becomes a resource for people to connect with others concerning things that they need, such as in the case of addiction and recovery.
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Social Distancing

Social Distancing Means Limited Support for Those Struggling with Addiction

In light of the public health crisis that has been created by the coronavirus outbreak, everyone has been cut off from the world in their own ways.
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Triggers – What are they?

A “trigger” is any kind of stimulus that prompts a behavioral response in a person. While a trigger does not technically refer exclusively to unwanted or adverse responses, it is commonly used to refer to negative experiences.
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Tips for Calmness

We got here by worrying like crazy about what might happen and preparing for catastrophe at any given moment.
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negative thoughts

Negative Thoughts. You do have a choice which ones you grab onto.

We got here by worrying like crazy about what might happen and preparing for catastrophe at any given moment.
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damaging relationships

Damaging Relationships Can Be Hard To Spot

Damaging relationships can be hard to spot because they’re not usually 100% toxic.
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anger management

Anger Management

Anger management is an important aptitude. It’s not an innate trait or personality propensity that some people are born with and others aren’t.
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