Anger Management

Learn to control and express anger

Anger Management

Anger Management

When expressed appropriately, anger is a healthy normal emotion. When anger is expressed in unhealthy ways, it can cause a myriad of problems within personal relationships, at work, and within the community. Unhealthy ways of coping with and expressing anger can affect your health, increasing the risk of high blood pressure, digestive issues, heart problems, and substance abuse disorders.



Some signs that may indicate that you need help controlling and expressing your anger in a healthy way include the following:


  • Constantly feeling irritated, impatient, or hostile

  • Persistent negative thinking or focusing on negative events

  • Feeling that your anger is controlling you

  • Frequent arguments with your spouse, partner, children, family members, and/or colleagues

  • Threatening acts of violence towards others or property

  • Damaging property when angry or after arguments with others

  • Acts of physical violence towards your loved ones or others

  • Unsafe behavior, such as driving recklessly

  • Avoidance of situations due to anxiety or depression around outbursts of anger

  • Damaged relationships with family members, friends, or colleagues



An anger management course will help you recognize your anger triggers as well as unhealthy patterns of coping with anger. An anger management course will provide you with stress management tools, communication strategies, problem solving skills, and cognitive restructuring ( the reframing of negative or irrational thoughts).      

At Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia, we offer a group therapy anger management course led by a licensed clinician. Completion of the anger management course will provide you with the tools and skills to experience and express your anger in a healthy way. If you are seeking an anger management course or if your lawyer has suggested an anger management course, we can help. For further information, please contact our office.